Big Magic

Big Magic book cover

Elizabeth talks about the concept of Ideas in an almost personified way

As a writer, she recounted the experience of getting a great idea for a new book, working and researching the idea, developing the storyline, and starting to write.

Then she had to put the developing Idea on hold for about a year because of her fiancé’s immigration problems. When she came back to the idea about a year later, she discovered it was gone.  Just gone.  The idea had left her, because it got tired of waiting around!

She soon discovered her idea had jumped to another writer friend of who was now writing that same story with only a few minor changes! 

As a result, in reading about Elizabeth’s experience, I realized that Angels and Ideas have a lot in common.  They both need humans (or animals) to partner with so their good ideas can become good deeds. Humans and animals have the physical bodies that angels and ideas don’t have, but need.  So it is a perfect partnership when the human or animal is open to listening for instructions from their Angel and Idea friends. 

Some people may call this listening to our intuition.  We all have instincts or ideas that come to us.  Perhaps this is where something truly remarkable could happen if we just have the courage and curiosity to listen.

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