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  • Big Magic

    Big Magic

    Elizabeth Gilbert from “Eat, Pray, Love” fame wrote a subsequent book called Big Magic. This book is all about the creative process humans experience and often struggle with as we get in touch with the artistic or creative side of ourselves.

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  • Lorna Byrne

    Lorna Byrne

    Lorna Byrne is a grandmother living in Ireland who has always been able to see and talk with angels since she was two years old.

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  • The Physics of Angels

    The Physics of Angels

    Author Libby Carr becomes aware of the powerful message in the book “The Physics of Angels” by Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox.

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Share Your Angel Story

Many people can recall a time when they have had an encounter with their angel. It might have been when they were starting to wake up from a deep sleep.  Or it might have been when they were in a car accident or other emergency and really needed help. We are very interested in hearing your angel story if you want to share it here on our website. Please tell us what happened, what you learned and how it made you feel. If you just want to tell us about it, without sharing it on this website, that is OK too.

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    • My Angel Story is What Led Me to Write “How Do the Reindeer Fly?”

      Several years earlier the first time we were “standing in” for the Clauses, a young boy had asked us: “How Do the Reindeer Fly?”. Then, several years later, very early Christmas morning, at exactly 3:00 am, I heard a voice: “Libby… how do the reindeer fly?” It was a gentle nudge that first time, but a whole year later – at exactly the same hour – I heard a much louder and more insistent “Libby, Libby! HOW DO THE REINDEER FLY?” This time I sat up in bed, now fully awake, realizing I was being instructed to figure this out!…

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